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Visa Application in China

Apply for an X/F/L Visa

Chinese visas are classified based on your purpose to go to China, such as tourism, education, or employment. For overseas students who intend to study in China for longer than 6 months, an X visa is the most secure choice.

  • X visa (student visa) is issued to those students who are interested to study in China or an internship for longer than 6 months. The other two categories (F visa and the L visa) visa are appropriate for international people. But those visas are not for international students.
  • F visa (known as a business visa) is issued to those who are invited to China for a visit, an investigation, a lecture, to do business, scientific-technological and culture exchanges, short-term advanced studies or internship for a period of no longer than 6 months. These types of visas are not for long term education in China. Generally, Chinese Exit/Entry Administration Bureaus regards an F visa holder as a business visitor and they don’t offer Residence Permit for foreigners holding an F visa.
  • L visa (tourist visa) is issued to those people who like to come to China for sightseeing, visiting family or friends, or for other personal affairs.

Documents needed for visa application:

A valid passport with at least 6 months remaining validity and at least one blank visa page in it;

Chinese visa application form: Do Visa Application Form perfectly, completely, and clearly filled out and signed.

Photo: one recent passport photo (2×2 inch)

Original and photocopy of Admission Notice (issued by the university in your offer package)

Original and photocopy of  JW202 form (issued by the university in your admission package)

Visa fees (Fees vary from country to country)


Students who will study more than 1 year (including 1 year) should apply for Visa X1 before coming to China. People with Visa X1 should handle the Residence Permit for foreigners for 1 month since your arrival. Students who will study less than 1 semester or 1 semester should apply for Visa X2 before coming to China.

Before coming to China, you should take a physical examination in your country according to PHYSICAL EXAMINATION RECORD FOR FOREIGNER. You should bring the original “Foreigner Physical Examination Form” with you. After arrival in China, University will organize you to take verification or recheck in International Travel Health Care Center. The term of validity of the record is 6 months. The record is needed when you handle the Residence Permit for Foreigners.

We wish your success and have a pleasant study trip to China!!!

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