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Greener Educational Consult is an educational and recruitment co-operative agency for Institutions in Canada, the US, UK, China, and Europe, etc. We help students to choose their career path by choosing quality education abroad whiles unearthing their hidden potentials and abilities in developing their future.

We forge a working relationship between our international partners, admission officers from international universities and past international students to meet and talk with our students concerning more opportunities that exist in studying abroad.

We have local representatives from Africa. Who are into the recruitment of foreign students to study in Canada, US, UK, China, and Europe. We have been helping students to apply for admission for some time now of which we have been successful. And so with the recent rise in the number of students interest to study in Canada, USA, UK, China, Europe. we have partnered with other institutions to recruit students in large numbers across top universities.

All of our university graduate staff have come from either working independently as agents.

The core of our business is to introduce, market and recruit international students across the globe to our partnered universities in Canada, the US, UK, China, and Europe.

Our main goal is to champion and promote universities across the world.

We are having trusted and innovative teams who are more than able to help recruit quality and intelligent students to study in reputable universities.

Our overseas and admission director is very experienced and has worked with other recruitment agency. Coming from a recruitment background, he provides the relationship and building skills needed to maintain high standards when working with students, representatives and businesses, and a wealth of experience in managing applications for language schools and Universities from A-level through to Ph.D. levels

Also, our Africa manager is a marketing and Sales Professional, with a solid background or work experience in different sectors such as Education, Tourism, and Hospitality. He also has previous background experience as an Event Manager and teacher of Professional courses and has built the skills for working with the highest standards of quality for the business.

All our other agents have been educated in Canada, USA, China, and Europe to a degree standard and we have taken them on under the umbrella of GEC to represent their country due to their sales skills and experience of dealing with students wanting to study in abroad.

In our business line, we are solidly committed to champion educational excellence and enhance to become of the trusted educational consultancy in the world.

Vision & Mission

To help promote excellence in education and develop to become most trusted and innovative consulting firm in unearthing hidden potentials in students.

  1. To give students advice and guidance on the most relevant training and academic courses available
  2. To be fully informed about our partner institutions so as to ensure students can make the best decisions on where to study.
  3. To assist with VISA applications, clearly explaining all legal restrictions to students
  4. To attend and hold student and representative fairs in the countries we cover
  5. To provide suitable accommodation for students when necessary
  6. To provide advice and guidance about studying away from home in another country
  7. To ensure that all schools and Universities kept up to date with progress on student’s applications.  

At Greener Educational Consult, your thank you and smiles are our reward. We want to be student’s number one stop for choosing the consulting company to apply to study abroad.

Our heart desire is to be student’s friends by providing quality educational services whiles maximizing cost in applying to study abroad.

Your Future Starts Here.

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