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To encourage more international students to come to study in China, many universities in China have established a variety of scholarship programs for international students, such as Chinese Government Scholarship-Chinese University Scholarship, President Scholarship, New Entrance Student Scholarship, South-South Cooperation Scholarship, Asian Future Leaders Scholarship, etc.
Chinese universities offer a wide variety of academic programs in Science, Engineering, Agriculture, Medicine, Law, Economics, Management, Education, Literature, Philosophy, History, Natural Science and Art for scholarship winners at all levels.

Scholarship Categories and Duration

Supporting Categories Major Study (year) Chinese Language (Preparatory Study) (year) Duration of
Scholarship (year)
Undergraduate students 4-5 1- 2 4-7
Master’s students 2-3 1- 2 2-5
Doctoral students 3-4 1- 2 3-6
Non-degree up to 1 up to 1 up to 2

Scholarship Types
Full Scholarship covers
1. Tuition waiver. Tuition funds will be comprehensively used by the host university. It may cover scholarship students’ education, administration costs and expenditures to support student activities.
2. Accommodation: free university dormitory or accommodation subsidy.
If the host university requires students to live on campus, the university will accommodate the scholarship students in a university dormitory (usually a twin room); if the host university permits students to live off campus, the university will provide monthly/quarterly accommodation subsidy:
Undergraduate students (preppies), master’s students (general scholars): RMB 700 per month; doctoral students (senior scholars): RMB 1000 per month.
3. Stipend:
Undergraduate students: around RMB 1,500 per month;
Master’s students/general scholars: around RMB 2,000 per month;
Doctoral students/senior scholars: around RMB 2,500 per month.
Within the scholarship duration, registered scholarship students will receive a stipend from their host university each month. Students registering on or before the 15th of the month will receive a full stipend of that month. Those who register after the 15th of the month will receive a half stipend of that month. Graduating students will receive stipend until half month after the graduation date. If registered student stays out of China for more than 15 days due to a personal reason (school holidays excluded), his stipend will be stopped during his leaving.
4. Comprehensive medical insurance: RMB 800.
Partial scholarship covers
One or some items of the full scholarship.

Application Deadline:
In the end of June every year.