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Kharkov National Automobile and Highway University was established in 1930. It is one of the oldest universities of Ukraine. The university has the highest level of accreditation. In August 2001 the President of Ukraine awarded the status of National to the university. International students have been studying in the university since 1948. Approximately 3000 foreign citizens, who graduated from the university, successfully work in 67 countries all over the world.

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Acronym – HNADU

Accreditation – IV

Status – State

Established – 1930

Departments – 11

Teaching staff – >500 (61 doctors and professors, 257 Candidates)

Students trained – 13000+


  • Automobile
  • Road Building
  • Mechanical
  • Mechatronics Vehicle
  • Transport Systems
  • Management & Business
  • Faculty of Improvement of Professional Skill
  • Faculty of Foreign Students

The university trains the citizens of Ukraine and foreign citizens who can gain the degrees of Bachelor, Master and PhD. There is a 4 year course for bachelors and a 1.5 year course for Masters. In addition, the university has the Preparatory Department for international students to study Russian before entering higher education institutions of Ukraine. In accordance with the License АЕ №527434of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, the university provides full-time education. The official languages of training are Russian for all specialities and English for Transport Technologies, Road Construction, Computer Sciences and Information Technologies. To enter university in order to get a degree of Bachelor, an applicant shall have secondary or higher education. To enter university to get a degree of Master, it is necessary to have a degree of Bachelor. Foreigners are interviewed to join the university. Training starts 1st September.

An applicant shall get an invitation from the university and personally provide their documents in the time span from 01 July to 31 October.

Formal languages of Training: Ukraine, Russian, English.

The tuition fee is $1500 US at the Preparatory Department where a foreign citizen learns Russian (9 months from September till June);

$2000 US per year to get a Bachelor degree in Russian;

$2200 US per year to get a Bachelor degree in English;

$2000 US per year to get a Master degree.

The official languages of training are Russian and English.

International students can live in dormitories for $30 US per month.

Address: 61002, Ukraine, Kharkov, Petrovskogo St. 25, Kharkov National Automobile and Highway University, Faculty for Training Foreign Citizens.

Foreign citizens provide the documents as follows:

  1. Document about education ant its copy.
  2. Annex to the Document about education.
  3. To get a Master degree: Transcript of Bachelor and its copy.
  4. In case of academic mobility or recommencing education starting from 2ndyear: Academic   Certificate that is issued by educational institution abroad or in Ukraine.
  5. Copy of Passport. The Passport is submitted by student personally.
  6. Insurance certificate for urgent medical assistance.
  7. 8 photographs 30×40 mm.

The copies of the document about education and transcript shall be registered in the country of origin, legalized in a proper way, translated into Ukrainian and authenticated in the notary office. The copy of passport shall be translated into Ukrainian and authenticated in the notary office.

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