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We at Kharkiv International Medical University know what a challenging step it is to assist students in making an informative decision of choosing the right University to start his her/career.The long journey they are about to embark, starts from the application process, admission, the choice between different Universities and what they can offer you, settling in and getting used to the entirely new environment and life and last but not least is starting the studies and following the proper career pathway during the years.

I have devoted this message to provide you with the proper information which we hope will be useful for you in making the decision and supporting students throughout the years spent with us.

Here are some key advantages of what we can offer to our prospective students:Qualified medical degree, recognized worldwide. Studying in Europe with affordable fees, yet equal to European standards of studying and living.

Application full and individual assistance – we encourage you to contact us in case of any question you may have during the application and admission process.

Academic support – students from every course year have a responsible academic coordinator ensuring proper academic support in case of study problems.

Chance for parents to visit the University and have a tour in Kharkiv city during few days before the classes start (prior registration is required).

The International Student Office crew is always ready to assist students in solving or advising for every personal, formal or any other problem they might face. The Dean of Medical Faculty works closely with all academic coordinators and international student offices as tries to ensure proper problem solving and advising.

Our main objective is to support our students (in educational and personal matters) through every step of their way at Kharkiv International Medical University so that they can have a pleasant time here with us and develop professionally themselves and succeed academically!

To find out more information about the University and the undergraduate admission we ask you to read the following sections of our website and come and visit our friendly and peaceful campus!

Self-financed private institution licensSelf-financed private institution licensed by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine Quality of education with degree recognized worldwide

International environment with foreign lecturers and students from all over the world

Newly-built main buildings, modern lecture halls and laboratory auditoriums hosting international medical workshops and congress


Kharkiv International Medical University is one of the top Ukrainian Medical Universities which is recognized, accredited and listed in: The General Medical Council (GMC), Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER), the International Medical Education Directory (IMED), the Association for Medical Education in Europe (AMEE), the World Health Organization (WHO), the Medical Council of India (MCI)

Best teachers and scientists of medicine teach, inspire, support, and lead to proficiency in medicine and future opportunities.

Students don’t only study, but also attend scientific conferences over Ukraine and beyond,
get experience with examining patients, medical treatment, and travel during student exchange programs.

Student hostel, canteen, library, sport complex, concert hall of newly-construction,

Regular cultural activities: festivals, celebrations, performances, ceremonies, social integration into student community


GENERAL INFORMATION – international students are admitted to the University in conformity to the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine low and are able to apply on-line. The prospective foreign students interested in offered undergraduate program of General Medicine in English medium.ADMISSION CRITERIA – international students, are admitted after approval of submitted application documents (which must meet the admission requirements) by the Ukrainian Ministry of Education and Science. The subjects of Biology, Physics, Chemistry and English are primarily assessed, and minimum 50 % are requested for approval of application. No language certificate is required, yet good command of English is necessary and it is to be proved while interview on arrival to the University


Diploma from a secondary school with the transcripts of all studied subjects. Passport data page (or birth certificate, which is applicable for seat reservation).


There are autumn and winter intake, with resumption periods: 1st September – 30th October and 10th January – 28th February. Admissions are opened for application all year round.


The six-year medical studies in English allow students to enroll in the University directly from high secondary school. The program is designed for students who are strongly motivated, have a good command of both written and spoken English and interest in medical science.Except for the fact that instructions, labs, lectures and examinations are conducted in English, the curriculum of the six-year medical studies in English is completely identical with the coursework pursued by Ukrainian medical students. Learning Ukrainian language is also available during the first two years of the program. Students are offered to learn Ukrainian in order to be able to communicate with the patients and in order to avoid the misunderstanding of the patients from the third year onwards.

The first two years of medical school includes an overview of fundamental or basic science courses. The first year is devoted to general understanding of biological, chemical and physical sciences applicable to the practice of medicine. Starting with the second year, the focus progressively narrows down, channeling the studies towards those biomedical sciences that are most relevant for a practicing physician.

The theoretical training of the course of studies is conducted by obligatory, optional and facultative disciplines, in form of lectures, seminars, practical exercise and self-training. The practical training of the course of studies is conducted by practical studies during the semester training, training practices and pre-graduation internship. The theoretical and practical training in the program is in compliance with the ECTS system.

The clinical years are what all medical students anticipate, a time when lectures and laboratories translate into patient care. The clinical studies examine the application of the biomedical sciences mastered during the first two years of medical school. The teaching from the third year onwards takes place exclusively in clinical settings of the modern facilities of the University teaching hospitals and involves work with patients admitted for treatment.

The last year of medical studies has exclusively practical purposes. During the last year, students work under the direct guidance of the assistants and instructors with high academic positions in the clinics.

Crucial assessment of knowledge acquired by the students after accomplishing the studies is given by the State Examination KROK (at 3rd and 6th) as comprehensive theoretical state examination.

After the successful completion of the 6-years course of academic studies in the program of medicine, students are awarded a Diploma of completed higher medical education. Graduates are conferred Master’s degree along with the professional qualification “physician”- Doctor of Medicine. A European supplement to the medical Diploma issued in English language is also provided to the medical graduates upon graduation. The Master-physician is an accomplished specialist who enjoys the necessary knowledge, skills and qualities for the realization of the contents, goals and assignments of the general medical practice. The possession of that degree enables the holder to practice medicine in EU countries as well as in many other countries worldwide.



Tuition fee English (medium)
Medical check-up
Medical insurance

4000 USD every year
600 – 1000 USD every year
100 USD every year
150 USD every year

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