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Founded more than 80 years ago in the year of 1934, Guangxi Medical University or, GXMU, is a high-level teaching-and-research-oriented medical university. GXMU is one of the 22 oldest medical institutes in China.

It is now one of the key universities with strong support of the Regional government. It is also the center of medical education, research, treatment and prevention, as well as health care in Guangxi.

About GXMU

GXMU boasts a well developed medical education system, including undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral programs, as well as other training and continuing educational programs.

Guangxi Medical University has educated and trained more than 1,000 international students from 69 countries and regions. It is a well established and internationally recognized medical university.

In 1978 GXMU began to enroll international students, making it one of the first 8 medical universities ever authorized by Chinese government. In 2007 Guangxi Medical University was one of the universities accredited by the Ministry of Education to enroll MBBS international students instructed in English.

Guangxi Medical University’s moto is “In the name of trust, we place our virtue, and in the name of knowledge we practice our art”. GXMU aims to increase the level of medical practice for the well being of all society. All of the 13 affiliated hospitals are First-class Level A hospitals.

Among them are the First Affiliated Hopital, Oncology Hospital, and Stomatology Hospital, all of which are the largest comprehensive or specialized hospitals in Guangxi. These hospitals have a very high patient turnover where treatment and operations are performed 24/7 with a very good clinical outcome.

GXMU has built very close relationships with medical institutions in 40 countries, and has sent large numbers of its dedicated teachers to further their studies and research in 50 plus countries, including America, England, France, Germany and Japan.

Such a move has helped GXMU to firmly establish itself as an international medical learning and research institute worldwide.


Guangxi Medical University is located in the beautiful city of Nanning, the capital of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. Nanning is known in China as the “Green City” and the “Garden City”. Here, the air is fresh, the view is panoramic, and the weather is temperate.

Nanning enjoys a favorable geographical location in Southwestern China, connecting the Indo-China Peninsula to the west and Guangdong Province, Hong Kong, Macao and Hainan Province to the east, making it not only an important economic center along the Beibu Gulf, but also a rapid growing gateway city to Southeast Asia in the southern and southwestern parts of China.

As an important gateway to Southeast Asia for Southwestern China, Nanning is a hub, a regional center and an opening city that plays an active role in the communication between China and ASEAN countries. It is becoming a new and booming economic zone and a hotspot for foreign investment in China.

With its rapid urban development, Nanning attaches great important to improving natural environment and it enjoys the reputation of “the Green City of China” because of its best green coverage in the country.

Nanning, known as Yongzhou in ancient time, is a frontier city with a long history and profound cultural accumulation. It is populated by predominating Zhuang minority and other 35 nationalities, such as the Han, Miao, and Yao nationalities, etc. with a total population of 6.6616 million.

People from different ethnic groups get along with each other in peace and harmony in the city, having colorful national features and styles as well as ethnic festivals and diverse activities.


GXMU has a beautiful campus which provides the teachers and students with an ideal environment and conditions for teaching, studying and living


School of International Education has four student dormitory buildings. Different types of rooms are available. Kitchen and bathroom are included. The rooms are fully equipped including bed, desk, bedding, bookcase etc.

Accommodation Fees

Scholarships Available

  • Chinese Government Scholarship Application
  • Guangxi Government Scholarship for ASEAN Students

Living in University

Food: GXMU has a student restaurant (food court).

Sports: School has a gymnasium, swimming pool, various playgrounds, where students can play football, basketball and other sports.

Internet: Internet service is available at university library and international student dormitory.

Shopping: School has supermarkets and stores.

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Chinese Language Program

Chinese Language Program Introduction to the Program The Chinese Language Program at Guangxi Medical University is a one year program for international students. Start Date of the Program September Application Deadline July 28 Tuition Fees The tuition fees are RMB6250 per semester. The total for the 1 year program is 12,500 RMB.


MBBS Introduction to the Program The MBBS at Guangxi Medical University is a six year undergraduate degree program taught in English. About the Program This major will refer to international standards for medical education, mainly aiming at cultivating internationally universal medical practitioner with substantial medical preclinical knowledge, normative clinical skills & favourable professional quality, taking international requests.

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