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Greener Education Consult Scholarship Service Team provides you Scholarship Application Service which includes;

  1. Assistance with filling out Applicant Information Form, which makes scholarship consultant know all your academic background to provide you with the best service when applying, and providing you with Examination Service to evaluate your ability and language proficiency
  2. You will have your own personal and experienced consultant of our scholarship service team who will provide professional and one on one service, answer all your questions and give a professional advice for your scholarship application on each step of the process;
  3. Application speed-up, short response time and fast-tracking of your application.
  4. Re-confirming your posting address with you to ensure that you can get your originals by post mail, once we get the admission documents from the university. Our consultant will send the admission letter and JW202 form to the students for free through DHL, UPS, or FedEx to ensure the fastest express package service so it reaches the students within the shortest amount of time.