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Why you should study in China

1.You’ll learn a new language

It’s much easier to learn a new language when you’re exposed to it every day. Chinese is no different – in a couple of months you’ll have picked up the basics and within a year you’ll be able to hold a decent conversation.

It’s a very useful asset to have, considering that Chinese is spoken by a fifth of the world’s population. And as foreigners who speak it are rare, you’ll have a specialized skill.

2. You’ll expand your professional network (Guanxi)

If you’re considering working in China in the future, you’ll need to spend time in the country building your ‘guanxi’ (network).

Studying in China will give you a chance to build friendships that could turn into professional connections in the future.

This is important, as in Chinese culture it’s quite common for jobs to be given to friends of friends, rather than through advertising.

3. You’ll have the chance to develop your business skills

The Chinese are well known for their tough negotiation skills and agile business minds.

So if you study on a relevant course in China, you’ll learn how to excel in business environments the world over. This will give you a competitive career advantage for years to come.

4. Employment advantages once you have returned

It is a widely known fact that employers, despite what job they may be employing you for, see bilingual students as desirable. Although you may not become fluent in Mandarin during your year abroad, showing you are capable of learning a language to any standard gives you an advantage over candidates that have no bilingual experience.

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